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Lifestyle Programming

As an innovative year-round lifestyle program, The Institute enriches lives by learning new skills, exploring new subjects, embracing hobbies, and sharing wisdom – in any number of fascinating interest areas.

Imagine grabbing a cup of coffee and slipping out the door to greet the morning sun. Hop on your bike and ride to the clubhouse to discover a new hobby or ignite an undiscovered passion. Start your day by sharing your personal story in creative writing, enhancing your wellness with a healthy cooking class, or learning to arrange flowers beautifully. Spend a quiet afternoon learning unique local history or wind down another beautiful day with a wine tasting with neighbors.

Meet the Lifestyle Manager

I am thrilled to introduce myself, Christi Davis, and my role as Lifestyle Manager with The Institute. By delivering personalized and innovative lifestyle solutions, I intend to foster a strong sense of unity among our residents, making the community a place where dreams are nurtured, relationships are formed, and extraordinary memories are made. As a health coach, I understand the valuable impact of ongoing life enrichment for overall wellness and longevity.

My background as a certified health coach, author, and in sales and marketing will enhance my deep understanding of your aspirations as a community member.

Our 3 main pillars for The Institute classes encompass mind, body, and connection. It’s my mission to enhance your overall self-care, ongoing learning and overall community interaction. Our coastal region offers many unique and fun ways to capture the essence of our core class pillars. Together we will be exploring local history, arts, wellness programs, nature, and the overall beautiful coastal surroundings.

My vision is to continue fostering a warm and vibrant community spirit allowing you to explore new adventures, have more time getting to know your neighbors and transcend overall vitality.

As a graduate from the University of Delaware, my roots have always stayed true to whole body wellness and the Delaware beach community. I enjoy all the Delaware beaches has to offer with my husband, two children and border collie poodle. Health and wellness have always been a foundation in my life. I enjoy jogging or walking in my neighborhood, Peloton workouts, crafting new recipes and a great book on the beach.

Christi Davis

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